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By Ammoland

Ron Charach
Ron Charach
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -( In his ongoing zeal to blame licensed gun owners for the crimes of deranged murderers (this time it’s cop killer Norman Raddatz), writer and “mental health expert” Ron Charach (Life Saver | Calgary Herald | June 13, 2015) opens his argument that the gun registry was useful because it “saved lives and could help track down where illegal gun owners, James Roszko … or Michael Zehaf Bibeau … got their guns.”

Tracking down where James Roszko or Michael Zehaf Bibeau got the guns they used to kill four police officers and a soldier, is not saving lives.

It’s police investigations after the bodies are long cold. It may make us feel better knowing where the guns came from, but it does not prevent a single murder, should a registry actually contain any information about the murder weapon.

As for the killers themselves, they are almost never in the system for one obvious (yet ignored) reason. They’re criminals. They cannot obtain a firearms license and they cannot register illegal guns. A gun registry only tracks the law-abiding. It has absolutely no effect on criminals or terrorists like James Roszko or Michael Zehaf Bibeau.

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