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By Ammoland

Is That Russia Troll Farm an Act of War?
Media, Stop Publishing the Names and photos of Mass Murderers, You’re Getting Us Killed

Canada – -( Mass murderers, mentally-ill or not, are most often motivated by a desire for notoriety, to rack up a bigger body count than their predecessors. When media outlets focus on the killer, almost to the exclusion of the victims, they promote grotesque crimes and give the killer exactly what they want: significance.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association believes media outlets must stop publishing the names of mass murderers. Stop giving these fame-seeking killers the notoriety they seek.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Global News openly address this issue shortly after news of the shooting spree broke.

“We don’t know yet who did it, only that he was a 29-year-old man. He is dead after fleeing the scene. But when police do release his name, should reporters broadcast it to the public? Will blanketing coverage with his name and his photo do more harm than good?”

That unanswered question came shortly before Global News (and every other major Canadian media outlet) identified Sunday night’s killer, opting for ratings instead of responsibility.

Their coverage, like everyone else’s, focused on the murderer, his long history of severe …Read the Rest

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