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By Ammoland

Crime Research Prevention Center

USA – -( We finally finished our first video on some of our research!

One of the more important claims in the gun control debate is that the United States has more mass public shootings than any other countries. We got some news coverage when our research has come out and op-eds in the New York Post and the Chicago Tribune, but we have gotten only a tiny fraction of the media coverage still given to the other side.

In addition, since the media understandably gives enormous news coverage to attacks in the US, but either gives slight coverage or completely ignores such attacks in the rest of the world, it isn’t surprising that most people believe this claim. This video is our attempt to reach out and educate people who we previously haven’t been able to get to.

We do need your help in getting attention for this. John Stossel has kindly agreed to post this video as one of his own and has even provided an introduction and a conclusion for it, and that is significant because Stossel has ONE million Twitter followers and 532,000 on Facebook. But your assistance can help us reach many …Read the Rest

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