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By David Codrea


The Rid-All Green Partnership hosted a toy gun “buyback” in Cleveland at the end of June. People who surrendered a toy gun received a $25 supermarket gift card for the parents and a “Brink City: Kids Lives Matter” comic book for the child . . .

We can sidetrack ourselves and talk about the utter futility of such gestures at preventing real violence. We can point out that you can’t buy something back if you never owned it in the first place. We can reminisce about how we played with Mattel’s Tommy Burst Detective Set or Topper’s Johnny Seven OMA without incident as kids. We can even speculate on how many parents went out and bought a cheap toy gun just to turn a tidy profit and demonstrate such efforts to be the farces they are.

But the real story is all the media attention given to what was pretty much a nothing event. Naturally, the major local TV stations all covered it.

“Police hold toy gun buyback for parents in Cleveland,” Fox 8 Cleveland reported. NBC affiliate WKYC and 19 Action News also …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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