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By Jacki Billings

The new mags are available in a nickel finish or blued finish, pictured above. (Photo: Mec-Gar USA)
Mec-Gar USA expands its firearm accessory offerings, adding a blued and nickel 10-round Browning BDA magazine to its product lineup.
The new .380 mags tackle restrictive state laws that prevent shooters from possessing or using mags that exceed 10 rounds. The Browning BDA mags give shooters in these states an option to keep plinking at the range.
“Mec-Gar’s position is that they disagree with these restrictive laws and their proposed effectiveness, however, they want shooters in those states to be able to continue to use their firearms,” the company said in a press release.
The mags keep to the company’s commitment to “high quality and attention to detail” and boast design to maximize shooting. The mags feature a new dimpling technique that permits for full-size followers, magazine springs and floor plates. The body of the mag itself is made of carbon steel, while the company offers a polished blued or nickel finish. The finishes aim to offer easy loading and feeding into the pistol. The mags are constructed with numbered witness holes to allow shooters to see remaining rounds.
The blued magazine retails for just over $31 while


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