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By Robert Farago

GLOCK 43 in an Uncle Mike's holster (courtesy

Doctor Timothy Wheeler, director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, writes [via]

MD Magazine, a New Jersey-based website for medical doctors, recently conducted a poll of 1,700 physicians (of whom 901 responded) on their views about guns. Results were mixed but tended to strip away the false veneer of hoplophobia that the medical establishment perpetually tries to stick on us . . .

No one should rely on this poll as definitive. The sample population was limited to readers of MD Magazine, a major selection bias. The questions were poorly crafted and appear to demonstrate the prejudice and simple ignorance of the authors. Here I am being charitable, declining to attribute to these authors the sordid motives of other mainstream media people who deliberately conflate semiautomatic and fully automatic firearms, use the media buzzword “gun violence,” and otherwise seek to deceive their readers.

Still, the answers shed some light on what doctors really think.

Here are the poll questions. The physician-respondents themselves had hundreds of comments. Many expressed anger and frustration at a medical establishment (medical organizations and their many sympathizers …Read the Rest

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