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By Tom Beckstrand


A SNIPER Magazine wouldn’t be complete without a quick visit to McMillan. Not surprisingly, McMillan continues to offer an extensive line of riflestocks for all members of the shooting community. But in case you didn’t know, McMillan has been building a number of rifles for years including Canada’s C15 Long Range Sniper Weapon (LSRW), which is based on the TAC-50. For most of the last decade, Cpl. Rob Furlong’s record-setting 2,430-meter kill across the Shah-i-Kot Valley in Afghanistan stood atop the sniping pyramid. McMillan rifles are what I’m most interested in.

McMillan offers hunting, long-range hunting, tactical and competition rifles. A quick survey of the company’s tactical rifles reveals four different bolt actions, two rifles built around the M1A, and the Tubb 2000. These are all interesting in their own right, but the one that I had never studied was the TAC-338.

The sniper community and its equipment are rapidly evolving. Mil-Dot reticles, data books and first-focal-plane scopes are all becoming endangered species. The role of the sniper is also changing. Sniping was once thought of as an esoteric art that revolved around rural stalks, single shots, then exfiltration. While these are all still pertinent aspects of sniping, they are no longer …Read the Rest

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