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By Bob Owens


“I need one seat to get control of the Senate, and we can pass common sense gun laws,” said Terry McAuliffe the night before the elections, and he did everything he could to push for those gun laws, soliciting anti-gun groups from out of state to pour nearly $3 million into Virginia, primarily in two key Senate races.

Michael Bloomberg pushed ads costing $730,000 against NRA-backed Glen Sturtevant in Senate District 10 in Virginia’s elections, attempting to flip the “red” seat “blue.” Americans For Responsible Solutions (ARS) spent an additional $720,000 on pro-gun control advertising, opposing Sturtevant and supporting his opponent.

Bloomberg also dumped $1.7 million to merely maintain a Democrat in another “deep blue” Virginia district. Jeremy McPike, his gun control candidate under-performed Obama’s 2012 election by nearly 10%, probably due to the fact Bloomberg’s ads roused pro-gun voters in his district.

As a result of the clear loss and closer than expected victory after nearly $3 million in anti-gun ad buys, Democrats are wondering if their gun control focus backfired:

When Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his fellow Democrats study what went wrong for them in Tuesday’s crucial legislative elections, one possible mistake stands out: Their aggressive advocacy of …Read the Rest

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