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Now? He’s pretending that his strong gun control push didn’t happen, and wouldn’t have mattered anyway:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Thursday brushed off Democrats’ failure to win the state Senate, noting that the GOP-dominated House can block his agenda no matter who controls the upper chamber.

“I wanted to win the Senate. I gave it all I have,” he said. “But at the end of the day, you know, it wasn’t going to make a difference really one way or the other. I still have only 34 Democrats in the House of Delegates.”

The comments were McAuliffe’s first since Election Day, when Republicans held their 21-19 advantage in the Senate. Democrats could have grabbed control by flipping just one seat because Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam presides over the chamber and has the power to break most ties.

Throughout the enormously expensive Senate battle, Democrats and Republicans alike portrayed the outcome as critical to advancing or blocking McAuliffe’s legislative goals. McAuliffe barnstormed the state ahead of Election Day and solicited millions in out-of-state donations. In the aftermath, McAuliffe acknowledged that even with the leverage of a Democratic Senate, …Read the Rest

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