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By Robert Farago

“The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Department in Boston is currently under fire, after video of an officer hitting an unarmed black woman with a baton on a bus went viral Friday,” reports. “When witnesses — the majority of whom were black — attempted to de-escalate the situation, the unnamed officer pulled his gun on them.” Uh, that’s not what I’m seeing . . .

It looks to me like the officer pulled his gun in response to the violence of the woman he’s attempting to subdue (whom he approached in regards to a theft). Which doesn’t look like the ideal response. If nothing else, drawing a firearm in such close quarters during hand-to-hand combat removes one of the officer’s hands from use and puts the cop’s life in danger (via a gun grab). Armchair quarterback. Yada yada yada. Another excellent video for training cops – and collecting cash from the city.

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