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By Jacki Billings

The Riftbalde comes in three colors — black, gray and tan, pictured above. (Photo: Maxpedition)
Maxpedition broadens its Advanced Gear Research backpack series, adding two new models slated to hit dealer shelves later this month. Based on the original Riftcore designed launched in early 2016, the 30L Riftblade and 15 Riftblade concealed carry backpacks further the company’s AGR series, offering consumers more size options. Maxpedition said the overreaching mission of the AGR series was to build military-grade tactical gear using custom developed materials and components — all with a modern style.
The new 30L, left, original 23L, middle, and new 15L, right offer consumers a range of sizes of which to choose. (Photo: Maxpedition)
“Since the inception of Advanced Gear Research in 2016, the Riftcore backpack has stood out as the bestseller of the AGR line,” Tim Tang, President of Maxpedition, said in a press release. “This season’s introduction of the Riftblade and Riftpoint, after customers frequently requested both larger and more compact versions, was a natural and highly anticipated developmental progression.”
Both backpacks come in three shades — gray, tan and black — and feature laser cut ATLAS Attachment Lattice System that works in conjunction with other Maxpedition gear.  The 30L model is


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