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By Kristin Alberts

For more than 120 years, the Mauser brand and its M98 bolt action rifles have defined both reliability and quality in the civilian and military markets. This year, the Mauser company, now known for high-end rifles, has jumped both boots into the budget hunting market with their new M18. finds out whether this German-made “People’s Rifle” will resonate with an American market.
Though a budget Mauser seems as foreign as schnitzel at the food court, here we are with a synthetic stock, matte blued piece wearing the old Mauser logo recognizable from military rifles of many decades and world wars past. The M18 is a traditional bolt action centerfire rifle that Mauser defines as a “no-frills” rifle that “brings together all the essentials for hunting in the best ­possible way and does not include ­anything that isn’t necessary in the field.”
The M18 is indeed utilitarian, built with solid steel construction. Cold hammered barrels are geared toward long-term accuracy. An adjustable trigger comes standard. The company’s “multi-purpose end cap” is actually a removeable, rubberized buttpad with space for internal storage. Sling swivels come standard, and while the rifle ships sans scope bases, the M18 accepts Remington 700 two-piece mounts.
The M18 may


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