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By Chris Eger

The M18 Volkswaffe is now chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor’s “big brother” (Photo: Mauser Jagdwaffen)
With the model’s first year on the market now in the rear-view, the German “People’s rifle” is newly available in the increasingly popular 6.5mm PRC chambering.
The M18 was released last year in a wide array of calibers from .243, .270, and .308 to 30.06 along with 7mm Rem, .300 Win, and 6.5 Creedmoor to boot. The newest offering, to accommodate Hornady’s spicy new 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge — described as the “big brother” to the Creedmoor — is expected by Mauser execs to scratch a new itch for those wanting to push out beyond 1,000 yards.
“The Mauser 18 is a big seller here in the United States because of its ultimate reliability, durability, and accuracy at an unbeatable price point,” said Christian Socher, CEO of Blaser USA, who distributes the German-made bolt-gun in the states. “We wanted to add the 6.5 PRC chambering as an additional caliber option for those who hunt and shoot at longer ranges.”
The M18 was released last year in 7 calibers, with an 8th added this month (Photo: Chris Eger/
Advertised as a no-frills $699 “People’s rifle” (Volkswaffe) or “People’s repeater” (Volksrepetierer), the


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