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By Chris Eger

The M18 was released last year in seven calibers and one color. Moving forward there are even more options announced for 2019.
Advertised as a staple “People’s rifle” (Volkswaffe) or “People’s repeater” (Volksrepetierer) with a $699 price tag, Mauser’s M18 line will add Hornady’s new 6.5mm Precision Rifle Cartridge to the list of available chamberings this year. While the no-frills bolt gun was originally offered in any color you want– as long as you wanted black– this year the company has added four new, earthy shades aimed at sportsmen.
The cold-hammer-forged barrels have a sub-1 MOA guarantee for 10 years. All metal surfaces are in what Mauser terms “burnished black” which is a matte black. (Photos: Chris Eger/
Simon Barr with Mauser told at Industry Day on the Range on Monday that the M18 has proven very popular with consumers in over 20 countries interested in getting in on the iconic Mauser name at an entry-level price.
The rifle accepts Rem. 700 mounts for optics
The rifle is packed with solid features like a trigger that is adjustable from 2.2 to 4-pounds, a 3-lug locking bolt that can be disassembled and cleaned without tools, a 60-degree bolt lift, and a three-position safety. The detachable


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