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By Justin Stakes

Matt Bracken - Orlando Rules

by Matt Bracken (U.S. Navy SEAL veteran)
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Matt Bracken – Orlando Rules
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

USA -( The Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando taught millions of ordinary citizens something very important.

It confirmed for us that seventeen years after the Columbine massacre, we can still find ourselves penned inside a disarmed-victim slaughter zone by an armed maniac or maniacs, and while innocent people are bleeding to death and futilely calling for help, government law enforcement agency employees might decide to take a powder, set up a security perimeter, and then burn three irreplaceable hours while debating how best to attempt a rescue operation.

And when it finally happens, the belated rescue operation might end up killing many more victims than if some of the aforesaid victims had simply pulled their own guns on the madman in the first place, three hours earlier, and shot him dead, even in a vicious cross-fire.

This lesson also carries over to the recent Bastille Day truck massacre in Nice, France. It took good men with guns to finally stop the bloodthirsty Tunisian’s motorized rampage. But the …Read the Rest

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