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By Jacki Billings

The latest MasterPiece Arms rifle is chambered in .300 Norma. (Photo: MasterPiece Arms)
MasterPiece Arms expands its rifle and chassis series, rolling out a new bolt action rifle chambered in .300 Norma.
The MPA .300 Norma Bolt Action Rifle utilizes the MPA Tactical Chassis System, featuring a built-in bubble level, thumb notch, front mounted bridge with Picatinny rail and lower mounted Picatinny. The rifle also boasts the latest MPA Enhanced Vertical Grip.
Resting on the chassis is the MPA 300 Norma 26-inch barrel — a precision gun drilled, reamed and honed Spencer/MPA piece made from 416RQ stainless steel. The hand lapped barrel undergoes bore and land inspections via a video borescope to ensure it meets MPA standards.
The rifle touts a MPA produced buttstock with adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek riser. Both adjustable settings on the stock are locked into place using a set of embedded screws designed to provide secure adjustments. The stock also boasts a monopod for added support.
Rounding out the rifle’s features is a MPA Muzzle Brake which the company says ensures long range accuracy. All in all the rifle aims to offer long range capabilities paired with .300 Norma Magnum cartridges.
“As the .300 Norma Mangum cartridge has begun


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