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By Tom Knighton

World War II was a long time ago, but anyone who has studied it knows just how costly an Allied invasion of Japan would likely have been. The Japanese troops were almost fanatical in their loyalty and were more than willing to die for the cause.

At some point, it was inevitable that the war was going to come to Japanese shores and the Imperial Japanese military likely began prepping for an invasion they were sure would come.

At least, that’s one explanation for the massive stockpile of weapons recently found beneath a Japanese elementary school.

About 1,400 firearms and 1,200 swords believed to be from the period of World War II were discovered buried at an elementary school in western Tokyo, city officials said Monday.

Grenades, bullets and cannonballs were also found one to two meters underneath the grounds of the Tanashi Elementary School in the city of Nishitokyo.

The discovery of the cache of weapons came during excavation work that began in July linked to the construction of a building, the officials said.

Local officials are working with the police and the Japanese Self Defense Forces to dispose of the weapons properly. They believe the weapons weren’t part of a stockpile …Read the Rest

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