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By Jennifer Cruz

A 19 year old and two juveniles are facing charges for shooting an autistic man with a BB gun in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, last week.
The victim’s mother said the incident has left her son traumatized and afraid to go outside.
Samuel Patterson, 19, was charged with intimidation of a witness, disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace and assault and battery on a disabled party with injury. The minors will be charged in juvenile court.
Authorities found the BB gun at Patterson’s house after a witness came forward about a Snapchat video showing the shooting.
Matthew Conrad said he was walking down the street near his home, as he often does, when the teens drove by three times while yelling obscenities at him. But on the fourth time around, Conrad said he was shot four times with the BB gun, leaving large welts.
According to authorities, the teens claim Conrad threw a rock at the vehicle and they also thought Conrad had a gun.
“I think they’re punks who want to bully people and this is their way of having fun, and it’s not fun,” said Lynn Conrad, Matthew’s mother.
But Lynn said one of the boys has since apologized. “He said,


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