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By Jennifer Cruz

A couple from Lakeville, Massachusetts, is trying to make sense of why their dog was killed over the weekend, but the couple’s neighbor, who fatally shot the dog, claims he acted in self-defense after the dog began acting aggressively.
Krissy Dashner and Pat Bates told reporters they let their two dogs – Walle, a golden retriever, and Zeke, a German shepherd – out Sunday, but as they went to slip their leashes on, they both ran into a wooded area next to their property. The couple said they searched for the dogs for about an hour before they heard the sound of gunfire.
“When I heard the gunshots, I had a sinking feeling,” Dashner told WCVB.
The couple’s neighbor, who only wanted to be identified as Mark, was the one responsible for the gunshots, the couple later learned.
Mark, who said he has a lot of problems with animals getting into his chicken coop, heard a “frenzy” near the coop Sunday, so he grabbed his gun and headed outside. Outside, Mark said, he discovered the two dogs and a dead chicken.
Mark said he tried to “spook” the dogs, but was unsuccessful.
“The retriever turned and charged at me. I had no choice but to shoot


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