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Commonwealth Second Amendment
Commonwealth Second Amendment

Massachusetts –-( Celona v. Erickson challenges the practice of Massachusetts licensing authorities of treating written license to carry firearms (LTC) denial notices as de facto search warrants.

It also attempts to further confirm earlier Comm2A victories in Wesson and Richmond regarding license denials based on old, out-of-state minor marijuana convictions and establish that police may not impose extralegal requirements for the return of seized property.

Christopher Celona possessed a Massachusetts LTC for over 20 years before being denied a renewal this past spring on the basis of an old conviction for simple marijuana possession in New Hampshire. Two police officers arrived at Celona’s home and presented him with a license denial letter from Gardner Police Chief Erickson.

Although they lacked a proper search warrant, the officers claimed that the letter gave them legal authority to enter the home and seize all of Celona’s firearms.

Police also took it upon themselves to seize firearms belonging to Celona’s wife and father. Later, when Celona’s wife and father attempted to retrieve their seized firearms, they were turned away until they “registered” their firearms – a requirement that is not supported by any law.

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