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By Jenn Jacques

Massachusetts Attorney Generalbans the sale of %22Assault Rifles%22-2

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s gun control logic can be summed up in one amazing pie chart. It shows Ms. Healey is essentially blaming our country’s (and her state’s) violent crime problems on firearms she calls “weapons of war” that, in reality, are responsible for approximately 0.5% of all murders in the state of Massachusetts.

In an op-ed for The Boston Globe, Healey addressed what she called a “loophole” in the Massachusetts assault weapons ban that made it possible for citizens to buy semi-automatic firearms (like the AR-15) despite a ban on specifically-named firearms and features that define an “assault weapon” under Massachusetts law.

I’m sure she also looked into the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report on just how many murders were being committed with these “weapons of war”. That’s why she felt it necessary to take it upon herself to go around the law… you know, to correct it and make an enormous impact on crime in Massachusetts.

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