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By James England

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Senator Cynthia Creem, D-Newton, has recently proposed legislation that would add a 4.75% tax on firearms, ammunition, and firearms parts. The money raised through this tax would be placed into a Firearms Violence Prevention Trust Fund, according to Mass Live.

This tax would come in addition to the 6.25% state tax already imposed on the purchase of those types of items.

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“Gun violence issues have always been important to me,” Creem said. “I’ve filed gun legislation every session. I want to make it harder and harder to get guns in and get guns into the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

She has also voiced interest in imposing fingerprint scanners — an unproven technology which could place law-abiding gun owners at risk if they need to defend themselves.

“Some of these are just common-sense thoughts,” she told Wicked Local. “This is not telling people they cannot have a gun. I have great concerns over private gun sales, where we don’t utilize the national instant background check system.”

Massachusetts already requires all gun purchases to go through an FFL, which requires a NCIS check prior to purchase or transfer.

Her main concern may be with the number of …Read the Rest

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