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By Tom Knighton

Stalkers are creepy people. Some may well be clueless putzes who got all their relationship advice from 80’s romantic comedies or something and don’t know any better, but others are genuinely terrifying people.

However, stalking isn’t always a felony. As a result, sometimes people convicted of stalking don’t become felons and are still able to own firearms.

A Maryland bill seeks to change that, however.

A group of Maryland state senators have introduced a bill that would bar people granted probation before judgment on stalking charges from owning guns.

With probation before judgment, a judge sets aside a guilty plea and places the defendant on probation. The defendant must complete the terms of probation or return to court.

The Capital reports the bill introduced Monday would expand prohibitions on owning firearms.

Sen. Susan Lee, a Democrat, says she is introducing the bill as part of the broader discourse in the discussion of violence against women.

But it’s not.

Oh, I think Lee believes that, but it’s not part of that. This is yet another shot in the war to move the needle on who it’s acceptable to disarm. First, it was the felons. Then it was the domestic abusers. Now it’s an …Read the Rest

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