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By Tom Knighton

Maryland was rocked by the Capital Gazette shooting last year. As tends to be the case, people watch a shooting unfold on television or the internet and want something to be done. It’s not unique to anti-gunners either, mind you, but their “something” tends to be a lot more problematic.

Now, Maryland’s legislature is considering 16 different gun bills.

Monday was gun day in Annapolis as gun rights and gun control advocates lined up to testify on a slew of bills.

Sixteen gun-related bills being heard Monday included allowing parishioners to be armed inside church, requiring an armed presence inside every school and getting a license and background check for long guns.

Police said Capital Gazette shooting suspect Jarrod Ramos used a legally purchased pump-action shotgun and passed a background check before opening fire in the newspaper’s newsroom in June.

Some people are supporting a bill that would require a license and background check on all rifle and shotgun purchases. Jan Donahoe McNamara lost her brother-in-law, John McNamara, in the Capital Gazette shooting.

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