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By Chris Eger

The new curly maple furniture gives an option for those who want a factory-new 336 in something different from the current walnut-finished checkered hardwood, and laminated hardwood variants already in Marlin’s catalog. (Photo: Marlin)
Remington subsidiary, Marlin Firearms, announced this week the iconic 336 series will now be offered with a curly maple stock.
Chambered in .30-30 Winchester, the 336C model comes standard with a 20-inch 1:20 twist Micro-Groove barrel which gives the handy lever gun a 40.5-inch overall length. The gun uses the same venerated 336 action, itself an evolution of the classic Marlin Model 1893/36, that was first introduced in 1948. Marlin today describes the 336 as the “strongest lever-gun ever conceived.”
Magazine capacity is six rounds in the underbarrel tube and the barrel sports a polished blue finish.
MSRP of the 336C is $899. With the addition of the curly maple version, Remington now offers 10 different 336 models.
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