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By Tactical Life

Hundreds of beds aboard hospital ships Comfort and Mercy remain empty.

A pair of U.S. Marines sprang into action earlier in April, taking decisive action in New York. The Marines’ quick thinking and immediate response saved the lives of patients waiting to board the USNS Comfort.


Why Are the Navy Hospital Ships Mercy and Comfort Sitting Nearly Empty?

Marines Save Patients Aboard USNS Comfort in NYC

The incident began on April 7 when a local hospital evacuated during an emergency situation. The evacuation sent 10 ambulances to the Comfort all at once. Suddenly, the normally empty Comfort became inundated with patients. That’s when Sgt. Austin Loppe, while he and his Marines pulled security, identified one patient rapidly deteriorating, according to a Navy release. The patient’s oxygen tank ran dangerously low, so Loppe and his Marines jumped into action.

“Us being infantry Marines, we’re all trained in Combat Lifesaver/Tactical Combat Casualty Care,” Loppe said. “You need oxygen to survive. And even just going a couple minutes without oxygen, the human brain starts losing function and having permanent brain damage for life. So that wasn’t something that myself or any of my Marines were willing to let happen to an American citizen. So we knew right away …Read the Rest

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