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By Chris Eger

The 17-ounce hailing and warning device can be mounted on a standard weapon rail and can be used to reduce the need to use lethal force in some situations (Photos: B.E. Meyers)
The new USMC Ocular Interruption System, built by Redmond, Washington-based B.E. Meyers and Co., has been ordered for delivery.
The $10.3 million delivery order announced this week by the Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Virginia, is part of a larger $49 million contract awarded to Meyers last year. The order will cover the purchase of 917 LA-22/U OIS devices, which is the Corps’ designation for the company’s Glare Recoil system.
The 17-ounce device is a 250mW maximum output green laser dazzler that also doubles as a laser rangefinder with a range out to 500 meters and beyond. According to Meyers, the Recoil is used to project a “veiling glare.” Considered eye safe and unable to blind–which is against the Geneva Convention– it is designed to disorient the target and obscure their vision.
About the size of a paperback novel, the 5.5-inch long OIS can hail out to 4 km at night and 1.5 km during daylight and achieve “offensive glaring” out to 500m
For the Marines, the hailing and warning device is an


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