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By Robert Farago

Wall. O. Gunnnnnnns! (courtesy

Marie Claire magazine has joined the War on Men With Guns launched/coordinated by Cosmopolitan magazine (and sponsored by Michael Bloomberg). Teaming up with the Harvard Injury Control Research Center — home of the notorious anti-gun researcher David HemenwayMarie Claire’s minions surveyed some two thousand folks about firearms. One result: “51 percent of women would vote for a political candidate who vowed to push for gun control. 47 percent wouldn’t.” Here are some more interesting stats . . .

  • Almost a third of American women—32 percent—report that they live in a household with a gun.
  • 12 percent of American women own a gun themselves. 33 percent of men do.
  • 61 percent of women who own a gun have more than one.

Wait! If the generally accepted stat asserting that 50 percent of American households have a gun, someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy! TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia regularly point out that, when asked, people lie about guns in surveys. So there is that.

Twelve percent female firearms ownership? Wow, we’ve come a long way, baby! The stat backs up sales data showing that women are a growing segment of the gun-buying population. The fact that 61 percent …Read the Rest

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