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By Ben Philippi

Marc William Hampton sits on his custom camo lawnmower with some of his tricked out AR-15s. In the background sits his M35a2 deuce-and-a-half truck. (Photo: Marc Hampton)
Former U.S. Army Cavalry Scout and Tanker, Marc William Hampton hasn’t left the military too far behind. Driving a decommissioned M35a2 deuce-and-a-half, he rolls through Radcliff, Kentucky which sits adjacent to Fort Knox. As he drives, some people even mistake him for active-duty military.
Hampton believes in preparation and always keeps at least two months of supply at the ready, including lots of ammo. During times of increased uncertainty, he ups his inventory. spoke to him by phone at his home in Kentucky to get his advice on the best way to prep for the uncertain. Marc, how are you doing?
Hampton: I’m doing great. Are you concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic?
Hampton: I am. It is something that everybody should take seriously. You don’t want to get sick and people that have gotten sick have ended up in hospitals and/or dead. Of course, that depends on your age and health, well being. If you have preexisting health problems, especially respiratory issues, you should definitely be worried about it. Have you noticed people around you being


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