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By James England

DESOTO, TEXAS — Just South of Dallas, 26-year-old Antione Devon Cooper thought 2:30 a.m. was a lovely time to hold up a Waffle House… And he would have got away with it if he didn’t level his AK-47 variant rifle at a legally licensed concealed carrier.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Cooper entered the establishment and held up the register and then proceeded to rob customers before walking out the door. A legally licensed concealed carrier didn’t stop him because his wife was nearby and feared for her well-being. The concealed carrier waited until the robber was on his way out the door before walking out after him. He called out to the robber who then turned around and pointed his rifle at the man. That could turn out to be his last mistake he ever makes on this planet. The man responded by putting several well placed shots into the robber, effectively neutralizing him.

Police arrived and took the robber to a hospital where he remains on life support.

The concealed carrier was not held up on any charges.

Balls of steel.

It’s not the course we’d normally recommend in a situation like this because of the presence of so many …Read the Rest

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