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By John Falkenberg

CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA — In a stunning turn of events, it turns out that protective orders are only pieces of paper, and when one woman who was granted a final protective order against a man who made her unsafe, she showed him what could actually protect her.

A big ‘ol rifle.

The Express Star reports that the woman was granted a final protective order against a man named Larry Grammer. That order forbids any contact unless ordered by court.

But Grammer wasn’t having it.

He allegedly called the woman, whose name was not revealed, and asked her for the title of a car that was in her possession, according to the incident report as reported by The Express Star.

After she refused to surrender the title, he reportedly called again, and allegedly threatened to kill her if she didn’t surrender the car title.

Grammer showed up at her residence on April 26, and the woman drove him off for the last time in a good long time.

As police Lieutenant Scott Weaver reports: Dispatch then broadcast that (the woman) had a rifle and was standing on the porch, yelling for Larry to leave the house. As Police units were responding with lights …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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