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By G. Halek

MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OREGON — Last July, an independent videographer attended a Black Lives Matter and ‘Don’t Shoot PDX’ protest held in downtown Portland. During the protest, he alleges he was accosted by anarchists and antifa hidden amongst the other protestors. Fearing for his life, his defense attorney contends that Michael Aaron Strickland, 37, drew his legally owned and concealed handgun to defend himself from an aggressive crowd.

That’s not how the judge saw it, though. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Thomas Ryan ruled that Strickland would not be able to legally possess firearms nor take video of protests any longer, according to the verdict passed down and reported on by Oregon Live.

“This was not self-defense,” Multnomah County Circuit Judge Thomas Ryan said. “… Simply put, you cannot respond in the way the defendant did in this situation. Brandishing the weapon was not the defendant’s only option. He was not about to be pummeled.”

We covered the initial ruling here. He had already been found guilty but the judge in this last decision decided his sentence. He would mostly get a lengthy probation and fines but the added restrictions on Strickland’s activities will adversely affect him as independent journalism …Read the Rest

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