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By James England

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — When someone threatens to use a gun, most people believe them. However, a gun owner is likely to have one of his own. One young man found that out when the person he attempted to rob pulled out a gun of his own.

According to KSLA 12, the victim of this attempted crime was sitting in his car minding his own business when a young thug walked up to his window. The man stated that the criminal put his hand under his shirt implying he had a gun and told him to “give it up”.

Wrong move.

The gun owner opened his glove box and retrieved a handgun of his own. This thug figured out quickly that his easy meal of the day had teeth of its own. He fled the scene.

This brings up a great point of discussion: idling in a car.

Here we are, waiting to either pick up a coworker or go somewhere, and what do we do? We’re usually face deep in our phones or drifting off in our own thoughts.

When a criminal sees someone just hanging out in a vehicle, he thinks it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. We’re in a locked …Read the Rest

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