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By Micah Rate

Police arrested a 55-year-old Indiana man on Friday after he allegedly threatened to kill a home healthcare worker. After taking the man into custody on a warrant for felony intimidation, and taking into account the healthcare worker’s statements and the fact the man may have mental health issues, law enforcement also decided to use the state’s red flag law to seize his firearms.

What law enforcement found can only be described as an arsenal, and guns weren’t the only weapons found in the house.

The man, Gary Diana, had so many firearms, Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing told the Tribune Star, “In my 27 years, this is the most number of guns and explosive devices I’ve seen in one house.” Yes, explosive devices.

From the Tribune Star:

A Terre Haute man’s threat to a home healthcare worker Thursday prompted his arrest Friday and the seizure of hundreds of firearms and ammunition from his house at 936 Sunset Pike Drive, police said.

Once deputies entered the home Friday morning and saw what to be appeared hand grenades, Ewing said, they called in the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit of the Indiana State Police. Due to the amount of firearms and munitions in the home, agents …Read the Rest

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