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By James England

LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA — When a minivan with New Jersey license plates backed up into the parking lot of a discount cigarette pharmacy in Pennsylvania, the owner of the shop likely suspected it was just New Jersey residents fleeing the insane sales tax. When one of the men stepped out of the vehicle with a shotgun, though, the owner realized he had a choice: defend his life or potentially die.

As Falls Township Police Lieutenant Henry Ward recounted for CBS 3 Philly, the owner acted precisely as he should have by shooting the man once the man was stupid enough to point his shotgun at him.

“The owner is in the pharmacy, sees the man coming in with the shotgun and the mask, figures out what’s going on. The employee is armed with a handgun inside the store. Once the perpetrator points the shotgun at the owner, the owner then begins to fire, striking the actor numerous times. He’s deceased inside the store.”

But, this is impossible. The deceases is clearly from New Jersey and thus has no access to firearms (*sarcasm*).

This goes on to highlight that being prepared to handle a potentially violent situation is nine-tenths of the battle. Thankfully, the …Read the Rest

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