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By Jenn Jacques


Mesquite, TX investigators said according to witnesses, an incident that started with a harmless traffic maneuver, ended with a man being shot and killed in self defense this Sunday.

Officers responded to a report of gunfire in the area of Rodeo Center Drive and Military Parkway about 10:15 p.m. where they discovered the body of Armando Macias Jr., 25, who died from apparent gunshot wounds.

When Macias and two family members witnessed a car turning around in their driveway, they began to yell and curse at the people in the vehicle. The driver of the car, who was unfamiliar with the area and mistakenly pulled into the driveway, backed out and drove off.

At that time, Macias and one other family member entered their own vehicle and pursued the car. The car occupied by Macias pulled in front of the other vehicle, blocking it in at the intersection of Rodeo Center Drive and Military Parkway.

Witnesses said Macias exited the vehicle and approached the passenger side of the other car. He then reached into the car and began to assault the woman in the passenger seat, while attempting to pull her from the car. The driver and backseat passenger pulled at the …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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