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By Bob Owens

A lone “active shooter” has just surrendered without incident in Colorado Springs after barricading himself inside a room at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood after wounding 4-5 police and an unknown number of other people, all apparently outside the building.

Fox News had this to say about the incident earlier this evening.

A Colorado Springs gunman who wounded at least four police officers and an unknown number of civilians in a shooting spree Friday has holed up in a Planned Parenthood building, where he is firing at police.

Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department told a late afternoon news conference that the gunman, described as wearing a long coat and armed with a rifle, had brought “items” with him inside the building and also left some outside and officers had to make sure they were not “any kind of devices.”

At the same time, she said police were evacuating the building and individuals could be seen running to police cars and other vehicles.

“It is not a stabilized scene,” Buckley said.

The gunman, who has not been identified, apparently began his deadly spree at the Planned Parenthood building, although it was not clear if his motive was related to the organization.

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