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By John Falkenberg

LENOIR COUNTY, NC — A man has been charged after attempting to stab his neighbor and getting a bullet for his trouble, WITN reports.

The assailant left a massive gash on his intended victim in broad daylight — but that didn’t prevent him from being neutralized before he could land a fatal blow.

As WITN reports:

Deputies say that neighbor, Phil Tripp, was stabbed by George Holland Monday afternoon. It happened on Sunny Lane in Hugo around 1:15 p.m.

Deputies say Tripp was checking on his dog pens on his property when Holland jumped the ditch and attacked him with a knife. Relatives say Tripp received a 15-18 inch slash on his side and had 33 staples at the hospital to close the wound. Major Ryan Dawson said Tripp tried to defend himself and first fired a shot at the ground with his gun. After Holland tried to attack him again, Dawson said the victim fired a second time, hitting Holland in the upper torso/shoulder area.

Dawson said Holland ran back to his property, while the victim and witnesses described the man “as being mentally unstable and armed.” More than an hour later, Holland appeared from the woods on his property …Read the Rest

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