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By Bob Owens

Don’t you love it when a semi-literate reporter attempts to attack “stand your ground” laws when they aren’t remotely relevant to the case at hand?

We’re seeing that idicoy today from KSWT 13 in a Yuma, Arizona case of self-defense inside the home.

Arizona is a part of many states with the ‘Stand your ground’ law, which allows anyone to use force as self-defense. Now one man in Yuma is dead after breaking into a home and getting shot to death, Friday night.

A Yuma resident at Medpark Apartments heard knocking at their door around 8 p.m. Friday evening.

Sgt. Lori Franklin said, “When the residents opened the door, Selitto pushed his way into the apartment.” The Yuma Police Department are identifying that man as 48-year-old Thomas Selitto.

Franklin said, “When he was asked to leave, he came towards the homeowner, then they proceeded to shoot Selitto.” He was later pronounced deceased.

Franklin says the family was home at the time and are considered victims in this case.

Let’s see of we can educate KSWT a little bit.

While the exact wording of so-called “stand your ground” laws vary from state to state, they are laws designed to eliminate …Read the Rest

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