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By John Falkenberg

PORTLAND, OR — There are few things more fun in my work here with Concealed Nation than seeing someone in a locale where you really wouldn’t expect firearms to be used in self defense do exactly that, and this story is no exception.

In Portland, Orgeon, one woman was forced to defend herself and her home on May 23rd in the middle of the night when she was tricked into springing a planned ambush, reports KOIN 6.

She woke up in the middle of the night to discover that a woman was standing outside her home. Although she didn’t open up, she heard the woman claiming that something had happened to her car and she was stuck.

She eventually left, but the resident felt badly for her. She opened the side security door to check on her.

And that’s when a man attempted to force his way into the house.

The man and the woman fought for control of the door, but fortunately enough, the woman was able to get the door close on him. She locked the door, and ran and got a gun.

She reportedly shot a single round at the man, who was still trying to get …Read the Rest

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