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By John Falkenberg

WACO, TX — A Texas man has been shot after strangling a woman who entered the conflict unarmed, KXXV reports.

This nut got into an argument with the woman, who he had a relationship with, strangled her, and even tried to charge her after the fact.

Unfortunately for this moron, he brought a gun with him — and managed to lose it during said attack to the very person he was trying to hurt.

So he got shot in the face.

Somehow, what could have easily been — should have been, really — a fatal encounter after threatening this poor woman’s life resulted with “non-life threatening injuries” — directly to the face.

Riddle me that one.

I don’t know how you get shot in the face at point blank range with your own firearm and manage to escape the incident with just minor injuries, but for all the court proceedings that will take place down the line, he better count himself pretty flipping lucky.

As KXXV reports:

A man was taken to the hospital overnight after he was shot in the face by a woman he strangled, police said. Waco police said the incident happened at the Arlington Farms Apartments in the 1800 block …Read the Rest

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