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By Tim

Photo courtesy of Fox 32

Photo courtesy of Fox 32

There are many reasons to use your firearm, however there are just as many reasons to not use your firearm. This story is poor judgment mixed with a hothead that gives the rest of us a bad name.

In southern Illinois a man at a gas station convenience store was fatally shot when a man dropped a pack of beer which sprayed onto the gunman’s shoe.

The armed man initially approached the victim and demanded a beer after watching the purchase. The men told him no and dropped the 12-pack by accident which resulted in the can spraying into his shoe.

That is when the man grabbed his .45 out of his car and in a rage fatally shot the victim. While police have identified the victim, they have not been able to identify the angry shooter as of yet. Police are continuing to examine the surveillance in hopes of better identifying the shooter.

Just a quick breakdown of things wrong with this situation. First, aside from all the possible beer jokes that could be said, is is not suggested that you brandish or use your firearm in a rage of any kind. Anger can quickly cloud sound judgment. Secondly, …read more

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