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By Brian Seay

Desmond Ricks, right, shakes hands with attorney David Moran on June 1 in Detroit. (Photo: Clarence Tabb Jr./The Detroit News)
Claiming Detroit police intentionally framed him by switching bullets, a Michigan man was exonerated earlier this month after spending 25 years in prison for murder.
Desmond Ricks, 51, was released from prison in late May after a judge ordered he get a new trial, according to the Detroit News. Less than a week later, prosecutors agreed to drop murder charges against him.
“Enjoy your newfound freedom,” said Judge Richard Skutt.
Ricks had been serving time for the 1992 murder of Gerry Bennett outside a restaurant in Detroit. An ex-convict at the time, Ricks was with Bennett when he was killed, but told the Associated Press earlier this year he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
“They switched the bullets on me,” he said.
Ricks said when gunfire erupted at the burger joint in 1992, he ran away. Days later, police arrested him and confiscated his mother’s Rossi .38 caliber revolver. At trial, detectives claimed the bullets they presented were from that gun, and were responsible for the death of Bennett. Ricks was convicted and had been serving a 32-62 year sentence.
In 2009, Ricks found a


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