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By James England

POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — A couple that were married for 53 years were sadly parted from one another after the man of the house had to use his gun to critically injure a home invader wielding a knife. He lost his own life in the struggle and accidentally shot his own wife in the ensuing fight.

It’s a case that can happen to anyone — and it’s a reminder of the odds we’re facing in a close quarters home invasion.

As 10 News – Tampa Bay reports, a 25-year-old broke into the couple’s house late at night and went straight to the bedroom with a knife. As the husband went to retrieve his handgun, his wife inadvertantly got stuck between the attacker and her spouse. By the time bullets left the chamber, she was struck once in the knee and a bullet grazed her foot. The attacker wasted no time taking the advantage. He moved into close quarters and it is believed a struggle ensued for control of the gun.

In the melee, the home invader was fatally shot but he also managed to turn the gun on the husband. The husband died at the scene and Ricardo Garcia Gomez died …Read the Rest

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