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By Chris Eger

A composite photo shows a still from the Circle A Food Store surveillance video with a prostrate Michael Drejka in front of Markeis McGlockton on July 19, as well as a booking photo of Drejika from this week.
A man involved in a fatal shooting, which the local sheriff initially deemed did not justify an arrest, has been charged by the State Attorney’s office with manslaughter.
Michael Drejka, 47, was arrested Monday and booked into the Pinellas County Jail in connection to the death of Markeis McGlockton, 28, after an altercation between the two at a Clearwater convenience store last month. The case drew national attention after surveillance video of the July 19 shooting at a Circle A Food Store went viral.
The incident, an argument between Drejka and McGlockton’s girlfriend, Britany Jacobs, 25, over her parking in a handicapped parking spot without a handicapped placard, escalated when McGlockton, who had been in the store at the time, emerged and confronted Drejka, shoving him to the ground. Drejka, an armed concealed carry permit holder fearing a subsequent attack, pulled his handgun and shot McGlockton.
After an investigation of the incident and review of the footage, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri on July 20 announced


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