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By Brandon

Almost every day, we receive questions, comments and stories that people share with us from their personal lives. Reader Glenn sent us the following message a few days ago, and it was worth sharing to point out a few things. Most of the time they’re pretty routine, and then once in a while…
I have an interesting story I thought I would share with you guys. I was up in Michigan visiting my parents and I took them out to dinner one evening. As we were about to walk out an older couple sits down and I hear a thud sound, as I turn around I see the older gentleman picking up his conceal carry gun up off of the floor. His wife notices me watching and says don’t worry he has his permit and it’s all legal, as he puts his pistol back into his jacket pocket, unsecured. Before I can even say anything he says nothing to worry about I keep it unloaded anyways, it’s just a deterrent. At this point I don’t even know how to react because of how much stuff was wrong about this, I simply just said you need to be more responsible. As I …Read the Rest

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