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By Tom Knighton

A man in Columbus, Ohio has been arrested after threatening to gun down 85 people–an oddly specific number–at a gay club. Police were able to apprehend the man before he could act upon his threat.


A man is in jail after police say he threatened to kill people at a gay club using a social dating app.

The threat had police on high alert near gay bars. NBC4 spoke to the man who received the threat and called police.

On June 16th, 2016, 49 people were murdered inside of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. The LGBTQIA community immediately relived the fear from that day when police told them Me’shach Miller made a threat.

Court records show Miller said in part, he would kill 85 people at a gay club. In that threat was an explicit derogatory term used against homosexuals.

It was a message authorities said he sent to Montrese Hollar, who then contacted police. Police tracked Miller down through the app.

“His response back was completely off the wall. When he mentioned 85 in my community. I’ve been an activist in my community since I was a teenager, and I just couldn’t let that go by,” said Hollar.

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