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By Ammoland

Virginia Citizens Defense League

By Philip Van Cleave

To make the lie seem real, all the video conspiracy theorists had to do was delete that one frame and, presto, no slide movement and no ejected casing appears.
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( I am totally disgusted with a bunch of conspiracy-theory videos on the internet dealing with the WDBJ shootings.

The people (for lack of a better word) who put these videos together are no better than the gun-controllers who love to dance in the blood of the innocent victims of violent crime.

The theme behind the videos is that the shooting was a fake in order to push gun control.

If you need an example one is here but I don’t want to send thenm the traffic:

I hate going over this tragedy in such analytical detail, but I cannot let the lies stand unchallenged.

The conspiracy theorists claim that the murderer’s video shows that the slide on the semi-automatic handgun never goes back and no casing is ejected from the gun, which would be impossible if the gun was to fire another shot. They even try to prove their case by showing the shooting in very slow motion.

Not trusting their version of the …read more

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