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By Scott Gara

Having gone to film school I was subjected to a fair amount of art history. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an artist but I do follow the art scene in my hometown and keep abreast of what’s going on nationwide. To me it’s a source of visual inspiration when I see a really great piece of art, whether it’s hanging in a gallery, tagged on the side of building, or in this case a gun.
The rifle Mackson painted for 2018 NRAAM (Photo: Cerakote Chick)
When I first saw the guns that Melodie Mackson was making with her company Cerakote Chick I was instantly drawn to her work. I’ve seen lots of people who Cerakote their guns, but I hadn’t seen anyone who was doing some of the patterns and wild designs that she was doing. I have nothing against black guns, but a cool Cerakote job makes a gun unique and standout from the crowd. Mackson was drawn to Cerakote application after she searched all over for someone to paint her Springfield XD-S a pink leopard print. When she had exhausted all her options she decided to have it Cerakoted pink and then stencil in the leopard print with a


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