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By Nick Leghorn


Magpul roared onto the firearms scene in 1999, helping to usher in the era of tactical chic. Their magazines were the gold standard for AR-15 rifles; their accessories style became as universal as suspenders on hipsters. Over the last couple years we’ve watched as their thunderous expansion (at least in firearms accessories) has slowed to a dull roar, tentatively creeping into other platforms like the Remington 870 and Ruger 10/22, but not appearing to commit the same level of effort as their AR-15 line. Now it appears that Magpul is preparing to make their biggest transition as they move from a company that dresses rifles to a company that dresses shooters . . .

Troy McMullen, their director of gear, put it best: “the world doesn’t need another tactical costume company.” The number of manufacturers cranking out shirts and pants which are 100% comfortable on the firing line but 100% unacceptable for a night out with your girlfriend is as numerous as old fat white guys on the NRA convention floor. Not many people have found a way to square that circle, producing garments that have some “tactical” application but still look right on, say, the trendy streets of Austin, Texas.

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